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Michael DeNobile, MS, MFA

19 Richard Drive

Mahopac, NY 10541



Phone: (845) 612-9900


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Michael DeNobile

"Literature adds to reality, it does not simply describe it.


It enriches the necessary competencies that daily life requires and provides; and in this respect, it irrigates the deserts that our lives have already become."


~CS Lewis

Education & Teaching Certification (ID: 1839983)
  • Professional Certification. Secondary English (9/1/2012). Students with Disabilities (2/1/2013). 
    Current Status: Registered (8/4/2-17-1/31/2023).

  • Initial Certification. Secondary English  (9/1/2007). Students with Disabilities (2/1/2008).

  • Manhattanville College, Writing & Liberal Studies • 2013 • MFA, Writing • GPA 3.82 • Magna cum laude

  • College of Mt. St. Vincent • 2007 • MS, Urban & Multicultural Education • GPA 3.94 • Summa cum laude • 2007 • BA, English • Minor, Religious Studies • GPA 3.84 • Magna cum laude • Erasmus Honor Scholar

Educational Experience

creative / technical writing

classical / modern literature

scholastic journalism

history / science / fine arts

philosophy / theology

multiculturalism / world religions

youth / young adult outreach

community service / building

social media

Department Chair of English, grades 6-12. Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School.​ 2019 - present

Collaboratively manage, supervise, coach, and mentor a team of about 15 teachers as part of an Instructional Leadership Team. Manage department curricular, innovative research, and professional development resources. Facilitate departmental meetings. Actively participate in recruitment, screening, hiring, assigning, and training of personnel.

  • Collaboratively support, plan, and implement vertical (English grades 6–12) and horizontal (cross-curricular) alignment of standards-based curriculum with chairs of other departments through UbD framework.

  • Ensure consistent delivery of instruction through evaluations of teachers and overseeing and managing data-driven instruction.

  • Collaborate with Director of Student Support Services, Senior Manager of Special Education, and the Department Chair of Special Education and ELL (English Language Learner) students to ensure compliancy and equitable access.

Qualified Part-Time Instructor. Southern Westchester Boces, Adult & Community Services.​ Spring 2019 - present
  • ESL (English as a Second Language, Spring 2019–present). Started as a substitute teacher from April to August 2019. Teach adult students of varying language proficiency.

  • HSE (High School Equivalency, Fall 2019–present). Prepare adult students part time for the TASC (Test Assessment Secondary Completion) exam.

Qualified Adjunct Professor. Westchester Community College.
Fall 2017 - present
  • ENG 101 (Writing & Research, Fall 2017–Spring 2018). Introductory course to prepare students for the process and purpose of academic writing and research.

  • ENG 102 (Writing & Literature, Fall 2019–present). Introductory course to prepare students for the process and purpose of literary analysis and research.

Qualified Literature Teacher, grades 6-12. Dr. Richard Izquierdo Health & Science Charter School.​ 2017 - present

Prepare students for Regents exam and college with standards-based curriculum and differentiated instruction.

  • Teach AP Literature and Composition / College English (2019–present). Incorporate critical approaches.

  • Taught 12th grade and 11th/12th grade Journalism elective. Team-taught 6th grade ICT classes (Saturday Academy). Team-taught 9th/10th grade ICT classes.

  • Collaboratively expanding already-established broadcast news to online paper and hybrid magazine, established journalism program (2018). Initiated The Panorama Press online newspaper and TPP Magazine.

  • PTA Teacher Liaison (2017–present). Collaboratively enhancing parent and teacher involvement.

Qualified English HS Adjunct. CiTi Boces New Vision Program.​ 2016 - 2017

Prepared students for college with standards-based curriculum and differentiated instruction.

  • Team-taught Allied Health program. Taught ENG 102 (College Writing), ENG 150 (Principles of Literary Representation),
    AP Biology (APEX Online), and Social Studies 12 (Participation in Govt and Economics).

  • Increased rigor, college/career readiness of seniors and community partnerships with local health practices.

Qualified Literature Teacher, grades 9-12. Hendrick Hudson High School.

​2014 - 2016

Prepared students for Common Core Regents with standards-based curriculum and differentiated instruction.

  • Team-taught a 9th grade ICT class. Taught Horror & Mystery, Short Story, and Journalism electives. Incorporated critical approaches.

  • PTSA and SpEd PTSA Teacher Liaison (2014–16). Trained in Google Suite and Google Classroom.

  • Assumed advisorship of school newspaper The Anchor and expanded to Internet. Registered newspaper with National
    Scholastic Press Association and Journalism Education Association.

  • Curriculum map migration from Rubicon Atlas to Google Docs (2015) and in-house tutoring.

Tenured Catholic School Literature Teacher. St. Barnabas High School.​ 2010 - 2014

Prepared students for Regents exam and SATs with holistic NYS and Archdiocesan-standards based curriculum and
differentiated instruction.

  • Initiated college-Level course (2012) with Mercy College HS Achievement Program: “Elements of Reading and Writing
    about Drama” (ENGL 111) & “Fiction and Poetry” (ENGL 112).

  • Helped raise Regents passing rate to 95–100%. Initiated and advised Virginia Woolf Chapter of NEHS. Revived and
    moderated Annual Shakespeare Competition. Collaborated with cohorts on student newspaper St. Barnabas Chronicle.
    Extensive knowledge of layout.

  • Assumed administrative and instructional duties as assistant coach of school soccer team.

  • Planned and directed Kalie Gill Benefit Concert to fundraise for deceased student’s family (Fall 2013).

Qualified ELA Teacher, grades 6-7. John Philip Sousa MS 142.​ 2007 - 2010

Prepared students for exam with holistic, standards-based curriculum and data-driven, differentiated instruction.

  • Team-taught 6th grade ICT class. Founded student honor society called The D-List.

  • Initiated and administered to layout and publishing of school newspaper The Thunderer.

  • PD through UFT in School Leadership and School Data Interpretation. Data-driven instruction.

Skills / Knowledge

British / American literature

building community / relationships

Common Core / Google trained

communication / interpersonal

collaboration / team player

computer / technology

creative / critical thinking

critical approaches to literature

cross curricular education

current events / motivational lessons

curriculum building / knowledge

flexibility / leadership / networking

multicultural education

passion / patience / professionalism

journalism and dramatic arts

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